care practices

Heirloom Fashion: clothing created to last generations if properly cared for. 

Washing, wearing, & storing your baily rose heirloom knit pieces will naturally create your personal patina on the clothing: the visual relationship between you & your garment over the course of y'alls relationship:

yes, wearing heirloom fashion is getting into a long term, committed relationship: 

your clothing will care for you, & you will care for your clothing

Caring for clothing is practicing elongating the life of your garment while participating in relationship:

our clothing is the most intimate physical fibers we wear on our beings during our lifetime.

sew, even more reason to

be a rose & love your clothes


 CARE PRACTICES for b.annies: 

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1. Gently handwash with LUKEWARM WATER (not hot, on the cooler side) with your favorite organic as fuck detergent, special natural fiber / wool wash if desired. Do not agitate

2. Lay flat to dry on a sweater rack, or a cookie rack works peachy keen, or anything really, that allows air to pass through the garment. If the b.annie is a bright color, & you don't want the color to fade, don't dry or store in the sun.

3. Wear it & love it.


Never hang hand knits, lest they lose their shape 

Fold or lay flat in a clean, dry area out of the sun, that doesn't get too hot or swampy. 

Keep cedar wherever you store natural fibers, to detract from moths that will eat through your clothing.

Make sure your clothing storage is mouse proof, & puppy proof if you have the joyful beasts.

*For summer storage: Make sure to store CLEAN. Dirt wears away at fibers.

Always store clean, especially after a long winter of wear, maybe you didn't even wash it once 'cos it just didn't need it.


Wool is self-cleaning, but a wash a year is a good rule of thumb i follow for heavily worn hand knits to cleanse from general dirt, dust, pollution, & energy build up from wearing for long periods.


( video coming soon ! )

After wearing, you might find "pills" : or little balls of fiber that snowball together on top of the knit. 

This is natural, caused by friction against the fabric. You can think of this as your garment slowly eroding. These little balls are compostable. 

You can gently pick off with your fingers, or try various tools to de.pill a knitted garment. 


Does your heirloom hand-knit need to be repaired? 

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