What is "Sustainable Fashion" ? 

= Regenerative Fashion

It's a little different for everybody, just like our body measurements ;)

For Baily Ann Rose, Sustainable Fashion is a consciousness around

the art & ritual of dressing oneself in a protective & healing manner

(instead of a destructive manner,

which is the status quo in the modern fashion industry by

over-extracting resources from the earth,

enlisting enslaved & low wage labor by primarily women & the global majority to create devalued fashion in unethical conditions,

polluting the environment, 

placing toxins next to our bodies from those pollutants that went into creating the clothing,

& convincing us these practices are ok & "mainstream"


Honestly a lil' jaded 'bout the topic after practicing for 16+ years,

with international fashion corporations greenwashing & ish.

Starting in 2020, moving* towards exclusively following Fibershed principles of Soil to Soil,

moving towards the term "Regenerative Fashion."

b.a.rose has utilized zero waste & upcycling design practices since her first collections that were created in Boulder in 2005

(while she was pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Psychology)

(if you don't count her creating zero waste knitting patterns in 4-H Club since 1998, that's a joke for all the knitters hahaha).

Beginning in 2020, she started* a knitwear collection

(that is inherently designed zero waste due to the nature of knitting), 

utilizing only 100% biodegradable materials, 

featuring a line of locally sourced fibers, guided by Fibershed principles.

To seek out more on what Sustainable & Regenerative Fashion is, 

b.a.rose implores you to look over Fibershed 's & Fashion Revolution's websites, 

which provide a plethora of resources and information that can help you decide where your ethics

fit ;)

into the future of fashion.

Beginning January 2021, Baily Rose is officially a member of the 

Mountains and Plains Fibershed !

(Baily Ann Rose has no official affiliation with the Fashion Revolution.)

What does soil to soil & Fibershed mean?

Soil to Soil refers to the garment's ability to biodegrade at the end of its lifecycle.

Soil to Soil fiber can literally go back to the earth, making it circular in design by principle.

baily rose never uses synthetic yarns that shed microplastics (not circular in nature ;).

Fibershed is like a watershed:

think farm yarn fibers regionally grown & produced like cotton, flax, hemp, lambswool, & alpaca.

Fibershed is based on research, & it's lookin' like the future of fashion is in carbon sequestering Fibershed Fashion.

If there were a Fibershed bandwagon, Baily Rose would be on it, giving out fresh-squeezed lemonade from local organic lemons, singing praises of Santa Rebecca (Rebecca Burgess is the founder of Fibershed).

b a rose has recently joined the Mountains & Plains Fibershed, an affiliate of the larger Fibershed: where you can find in-depth resources to these questions.

Extended Producer Responsibility

baily rose revels in the inherent zero waste nature of knitting:

since knitting doesn't rely on cutting patterns out of rectangular fabric, knitting is inherently zero-waste design, since the practice sculpts yarn in loops to the desired pattern, without having to waste fabric by cutting a pattern out of a rectangle. 


knitting also has the ability to be unraveled, and the yarn may be used again until it becomes threadbare. 

baily rose includes extra matching yarn for you to keep, to be able to mend your piece with. if you don't know how to mend or don't wish to learn, & / don't have/know a community mender whom you can support, baily can point you in the direction of a mender, or you can send it back to baily to mend for a fee. 

keep your order confirmation e.mail for contact info regarding these matters.

Check out www.TailorsUnion.com to find a local mender in your area.

keep in mind that investing in clothing is like a car or house :

clothing needs perpetual specialized

(mending & / re-knitting) 





on a constant basis. 

it's important to pay artisans for these specialized services to keep regional communities robust. not having a slow fashion artisan in a community that knows how to mend and alter is akin to having no gas station for miles, and not knowing how to change your oil. when you find a local artisan, thank them, and pay them well for their time caring for the clothes that help protect and express yourself sew well.


baily rose created* heirloom fashion

that has the ability to last a lifetime or two

(plan on passing it down to a loved one)

if cared for & mended well by YOU

baily rose committed* to producing only Soil to Soil garments from 2020 on.

she preferred* to make made to measure fashion from the citizen's personal Fibershed: which guarantees no overproduction when everything is made to order. 

Since all designs are made with biodegradable fiber (working on learning more about dyes & inks), baily rose asks you to care for your piece until its death, like a loved one.

at the end of one or two lifetimes, she asks you to return it to the earth.


You can simply toss it in the compost bin, give it to your local agriculturalist to compost, or plan & initiate a long-drawn-out burial process next to your favorite briar patch or rose bush, wrapping crystals, cash, secrets, seeds, & needs to stash.

Come back a year or so later to find your treasure: along with your beloved garment disappeared! 

*Beginning July 1, 2021: Baily is no longer designing/creating clothing. 

She is focusing on www.TailorsUnion.com .

If you bought something from her before this, Thank you sew much for the support. Know that you are lucky, carrying a super exclusive limited edition piece that just might become a collectors' item ;)