What is Sustainable Fashion ? 

It's a little different for every body, 

just like our body measurements ;)

For Baily Ann Rose,

Sustainable Fashion 

is a consciousness around

People, Planet, & Profit

in the realm of

 creating circular fashion. 

BAR has utilized zero waste & upcycling design practices since her first collections created in Boulder in 2005 while pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Psychology.

Her designs continue to be as zero waste as possible. 

A few completed examples of Zero Waste Design Commissions. All of my Past & Present work aims to be Zero Waste

woven busted bicycle innertube rug

Made out of 144 Busted Innertubes collected from friends & bike shops. A Very Cushy Rug to Stand on While Working 

prayer flags & ceiling installation 


Kindness Yoga Studios in Denver, Colorado 

Made out of hundreds of pounds of old & stained event draping material that would have otherwise gone to landfill. 

Process photo :

The fabric laying out in my Leadville front yard Drying in the Sun after washing , before cutting & sewing

(studio 2)

woven rainbow tipi : interactive installation

for Westword Artopia Exhibit, Denver, February 2015

Made out of 300 + pounds of scrap fleece fabric created by a local clothing manufacturer. 

Guests were invited to take a skein of scrap & continue the weaving by physically & metaphorically "weaving their dreams into reality" at the exhibit

Process Photo : 

Sorting by Size in the Studio 

Looking up into Tipi When Sitting in it 

Signature Baily Rose Wrap Dress 

Zero Waste Pattern Design :

This Specific Dress is Made from Printed Stretch Scrap Fabric sourced from Fab Scrap in New York . 

This design does well with any fabric 

Zero Waste Pattern Design Made out of Italian Silk sourced from Fab Scrap  

Super Simple Tube Dress / Skirt 

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