G'bye Plastic Prototype Be.annies available at Vibe Palace :

Akiala’s Buy Back the Block initiative is near & dear to Baily Rose:

5 points being the first neighborhood where Rose rooted

herself in Denver living & working,

being displaced & having to move

out of Denver

when weed became legal,

& stories of Nana & Nanu Rose living in an RV

when going to school in Greeley

with Papa Rose as a  toddler (in the late 1950s)

because no landlords would rent to their skin tone

(Siciliana & Calabrese).

Honored to be able to be a part of a

cause & culture I care so much about.


legends never die

Every sale from this collection

at Vibe Palace & BailyRose.com:

$25 goes to

Buy Back the Block's




knitwear collection Baily Ann Rose has made

since her 4-H Club Daze 


collection made after returning to her home state of Colorada,

 aus Berlin

where she earned her

Master’s in Sustainable Fashion,

writing her thesis on an app idea called the TailorsUnion.com

(sign up if you’re an artisan, please!). 


Baily Rose collection that is


in design,

that can be produced to benefit the local community, ecology, and economy regeneratively. 


round of prototype beanies Baily designed while teaching herself how to knit on her Mamma’s machine, created from polyester & acrylic yarn gifted by Mamma Rose (yarn was purchased locally over 30 years ago from Aurora Yarn Supply!).

 This is the last collection Rose

will engage with synthetics,

due to hormonal disruptions she has personally encountered in production & while wearing synthetics

(notice in this photo, acne on the chin region),

the connection to the oil industry,

& synthetic fibers' inability to biodegrade

(google microplastic pollution).

Rose is saying


to inflicting violence upon the earth


by the use of plastics

in clothing.

This collection is a wholehearted

“Thank you for what you’ve done for us,




Look for Rose’s Soil to Soil pieces

 inspired by Fibershed’s regenerative principles.

Say Goodbye with Rose

by purchasing this lifetime investment,

with your money going towards the

Buy Back the Block initiative,

as well as purchasing local & biodegradable yarns for Rose’s next collection! 


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