$25 of the sale is going towards Akiala's Buy Back the Block initiative. 


ZERO WASTE PATTERN (Hahaha, joke for all my knitters!)

Baily Ann Rose fashioned this magic somewhere off'a Colfax in Denva, falling into winter of 2020. Unique processes utilized in creating this magic contribute to natural variations & asymmetries that remind us of our wild & raucous nature. 



Fiber Content (YARN) : 100% Polyester - or -  Acrilic 75% Nylon 25% Mix 


& will shed microfibers. Take care, will wear for-e-ver . 


If your hormones are sensitive, wait for b.a.rose's soil to soil collection


This "Goodbye Plastic Prototype Collection" 

is the very first machine knit collection 

Baily Ann Rose created

(why they are nicknamed "be.annies" instead of "beanies").

created on her mother's knitting machine she was given,

along with a rainbow of polyester & acrylic yarns

(that b.a.rose loathes, literally broke out in hives,

she will no longer jive , with the plastic)...

Although, forever grateful to be given fiber to begin with, 

creating this prototype collection out of rainbows her mother picked 

with the machine over 30 years ago. 


Some of the be.annies took hours to make as she was learning how to knit on a machine. 

After a few months of practice, the average time taken to make a be.annie toque : 


+1 hr to knit on knitting machine

+1 hr blocking (steaming) + sewing + finishing

+1 hr photo, website, selling, administrative <overhead, guesstimating on these prototypes>


🌹  After going through this prototype yarn that was so graciously gifted by Mamma Rose, looking to follow Fibershed’s Soil to Soil principles & utilizing exclusively 100% biodegradable fibers.

🌹 Locally sourced will be the highest priority (& the biggest challenge?) ~ in a higher price point, being fully transparent about the yarn source & price. 

🌹 Investing in regional fiber yarns for the next limited edition SOIL TO SOIL collection ! <3 ! Which is investing into our soil health, and our community health. 


g'bye plastic proto viola reale

  • Hand wash gently with your favorite organic as fuck detergent

    Lay flat to dry on a sweater rack, or a cookie rack works peachy keen, or anything really, that allows air to pass through the garment

  • Orders processed Monday - Thursday: 9am - 5pm Mountain Time


    defective items that are the artist's responsibility & mistake (they happen!) will be mended, repaired, returned, or exchanged, according to the customer’s desire & consultation. 


    Returns must be in an unworn & clean condition to be returned, unless it is because of the above mentioned defectiveness due to a human mistake while creating the item. 

    Returns must be postmarked within 3 weeks of the original purchase.

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