100% Italian Silk sourced from Fab Scrap 

Silk Thread


The entire tube's length from top to bottom measures 41 & 1/4 inches


The top elastic circumfrence measures 31 inches around. 

(Upper bust measurements of over 31.5 inches will fit )


The dresses' tube circumfrence measures 43 inches around  

(Breast & hip measurements 42.5 and smaller will fit)


Zero Waste Design 


The white at the top marks the end of fabric roll, where the fabric was dyed. As designs are zero waste, using every inch of fabric acquired can be utilized as a design detail. A black mark on the back (picture included), which some designers would toss in the rubbish, here, it's beautiful, show off the zero waste nature of the garment. 


Baily Ann Rose fashioned this woven magic in Red Cliff, Colorado, Summa '18

Made Outta Italian Silk from @FabScrap . Zero waste pattern . Unique processes utilized in creating this woven magic contribute to natural vatiations & asymmetries that remind us of our wild & raucous nature. 


At the end of this dresses's lifecycle, remove the elastic from the top, and place in earth to decompose. Hopefully that will not be for many years! The designer has been wearing hers now for a couple years, and it has aged gracefully with minor snags, worn at least 40 times a year, in some cases every day of the week when at home studying and or in quarantine ! 


Silk Tube Dress #1

  • 100% Italian Silk 

    Handwash in Lukewarm water with Organic Detergent

    Hang Dry (in the Sun if possible : kills bacteria naturally)

    Remove Top Elastic at End of Life Cycle, give back to Earth to Decompose