100% Wool wrap dress lined with 100% Italian Silk : both fabrics sourced from FabScrap in New York.


Hand Sewn details


One of the only things I made in Berlin while obtaining my Master's in Sustainable Fashion. 


Tailored to your Measurements upon purchase - will be able to fit very small to large (what is our size even, in comparison to the universe ? neither small nor large, a tailor laughs at these sizes. She will fit it perfectly to you). 


This dress is a zero waste pattern, able to completely disintegrate at the end of it's lifetime: return back to the earth. 

Fuck the Cold

  • Hand wash gently with lukewarm water with your favorite organic as fuck detergent

    Squeeze & gently twist out water, hang to dry in an area you won't mind dripping. 

  • Orders processed Monday - Thursday: 9am - 5pm Mountain Time


    defective items that are the artist's responsibility & mistake (they happen!) will be mended and repaired.

    This item is not eligible for a return or exchange, since it will be tailored custom to the buyer. This item is created to last several generations, with the ability to replace the silk lining when it disintegrates.