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For those who wish to participate in the deeply healing art of wearing locally grown fashion, this b.annie is for you!


 My first Soil to Soil inspired design is the b.annie, a 100% natural fiber knit beanie that can fit anyone & be made from any Fibershed producing yarn. I named this beanie design the b.annie because my Mom used to call me Baily Annie, sew b.annie is a play on letter / words of the classic beanie.

The b.annie is purposefully accessible to all body types, “a nod” to everyone to inspire them to start wearing regional fibers. The citizen wearing this art piece supports regenerative agriculture & an american sustainable fashion designer (thanks, guys :).

The b.annnies are offered at $250 here.

For Patreon citizens, i offer an honor system membership of $20 a month for a year, breaking the payments up. Every year you are a member of the Fibershed tier, you have access to one piece from the limited edition collection i make.

If you're interested in supporting long term at this level, I will be launching new design options to choose from in 2022: the scarf & hoodie.scarf. Feel free to gift your annual membership offering, or get the same design, but a new color from a different region / lighter / heavier fiber that would benefit your collection seasonally & / help rotate clothes out so you don't have to wash them as much........

How does it work?


Purchase Here, or 
Sign up for the $20 level,


& i will communicate with you about your :

1.yarn preference :
1a. Choose from my Fibershed Basket 'O Yarn or
1b. we can work together to find a yarn from your personal Fibershed (you're in London? Let's look at a producer from the South West England Fibershed ! You're in Chicago? Let's look at Dairyland Fibershed to find a local yarn for your noggin! ) I’ll have the yarn sent to me.
1c. You have yarn from your Grandma / Mom / second hand that's 100% natural (NO PLASTICS or Polyesters : I don't want those chemicals around me - or you either :)  , & you want me to knit it into a hat for you? Send it to me! Get $50 off here, by putting in a discount code of "MyFiber." To receive the discount (it's not really a discount, it's just you fulfilling the cost of the yarn for me :) on Patreon,  plan on only subscribing for 10 months instead of 12 - or, we can work something else out. 

2. noggin / crown/ head measurements

3. i’ll knit your b.annie, & send it to you.
~Allow at least a 1-2  month turnaround… have you heard? This is called Slow Fashion ;)

Available January 2021: b. a . rose's Fibershed Basket O'Yarn

From Farm to Yarn colors : 
a. pale fuschia Colorada Alpaca (1 available)
b. mauvey Colorada Alpaca (1 available)

Heritage Bell Farms:
Navajo Churro with Silk lining (3 available)
natural color - could be dyed

Made to Order b.annie