inspired by Matson Jones "Italian Song". 


Baily Ann Rose fashioned this magic somewhere off'a Colfax in Denva, Colorada,  falling into winter of 2020. Unique processes utilized in creating this magic contribute to natural variations & asymmetries that remind us of our wild & raucous nature. 





Fiber Content (YARN) : 95% Blueface Leicester Wool, 5% Lurex, Made in England by Wool & the Gang sourced from Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver.


Design Details : 

Pockets in the hem to hide gems in, when not folded up. 

Zero waste design

(ha, a joke 'cos all knitting is a zero waste pattern, 'cos it only uses as much yarn is needed to knit the design... but for reals, it is a zero waste / no waste design .... all knitting is hahahahahahahahah)

- NOTCompostable Design : All elements are compostable EXCEPT FOR THE PLASTIC SILVERY STRAND that are the "stars" that we are demanding, gimme, or I'll break yo legs (Italian song reference, joke ok === but also referencing our dependency on plastic sparkly shit that represents the stars). .... I will no longer buy this kind of yarn, since it was 95% Blueface Leicester wool I kinda went gaga and got it for this commission .... Leftover yarn from a commission, I had to use it up. Sorry for the 5% that won't decompose. I won't do it again. But until, then, please enjoy this for lifetimes. 

*****After wearing a lifetime or two, return back to the earth, to let decompose & biodegrade. Dig up the sparkly thing and marvel at it, send it to landfill, do whatever ya need to with those sparkly things that don't biodegrade. I 


Transparency on average time taken to make this be.annie toque : 


+1 hr to knit on knitting machine

+1 hr blocking (steaming) + sewing + finishing toque

+1 hr photo, website, selling, administrative, shipping 





dammi le stelle (gimme the stars)

  • Hand wash gently with lukewarm water with your favorite organic as fuck detergent

    Lay flat to dry on a sweater rack, or a cookie rack works peachy keen, or anything really, that allows air to pass through the garment

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