Baily Ann Rose fashioned this magic somewhere off'a Colfax in Denva, Colorada,  falling into winter of 2020. Unique processes utilized in creating this magic contribute to natural variations & asymmetries that remind us of our wild & raucous nature. 




Fiber Content (YARN) : 100% Peruvian Highland Worsted Wool sourced from the Yarn Shoppe in Denver, hand dyed by The Fabulous CAB (Cassandra Allen Brown) & team.


Design Details : 

Pockets in the hem to hide gems in, when not folded up. 

Zero waste design

(ha, a joke 'cos all knitting is a zero waste pattern, 'cos it only uses as much yarn is needed to knit the design... but for reals, it is zero waste)

Compostable Design : All elements are compostable. After wearing a lifetime or two, return back to the earth, to let decompose & biodegrade. 

- Extra Matching Yarn: to use for mending holes over the lifetime of the toque


Transparency on average time taken to make this be.annie toque : 


+1 hr to knit on knitting machine

+1 hr blocking (steaming) + sewing + finishing toque

+1 hr sourcing, photo, website, selling, administrative, shipping 

(this doesn't include cost of materials, etc)



CABlu be.annie

  • Hand wash gently with lukewarm water with your favorite organic as fuck detergent

    Lay flat to dry on a sweater rack, or a cookie rack works peachy keen, or anything really, that allows air to pass through the garment

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