Be a Rose

Zero Waste Fashion


Currently Available : 

Made to Order

( Made to Measure )

Silk Wrap Dresses

$222 each

Tailored to Your Desires


Various Lengths

Made by Baily Rose 

with Fabric from FabScrap





Made to Order by Baily Rose

with Fabric Sourced from 


Bless your

herbs & body & lungs & breath & brain & earth

for creating such a

mix of tricks

for you to

experience & explore.

Thank the hands,

 including yours


preparing & presenting & sharing

such tricks 

                           Inhale Healing &

                               Exhale Anything

                                       that No Longer Serves You.


Imagine you are breathing in oxygen Honig.

swirling in Dripping Oozing Scoozie Yummy Down Your Throat,

Filling Your Lungs with all of the Goodness in the World,

Enriching Your Blood,

Healing Every Part of You,

Oxygen Honig,

Pouring Out Your Fingers & Your Toes .

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