Baily Ann Rose


muse + artist

healing fashion

weaving dreams into the fabric of reality

creative waste manager 

( designer )



teacher + adjunct faculty



knitter + crocheter +needle worker = fiber artist = magic maker

obsessed with Fibershed principles, 

zero waste & soil to soil knitwear

( she / her / pumpkin : b.a.rose’s preferred non-gendered term of endearment )


b. a. rose collections have been wildly inaccessible in the past ‘cos the lil punk bumpkin designer artist & muses

love tits hanging out, lotsa sideboob, cock socks, wardrobe malfunctions, raw edges, ugly finishings on beautiful bodies, unwearable art made of semi-truck innertube tires, and the like that is “Fashion.”

she made super accessible Fibershed knitwear for a short moment in time called covid lockdowns,

& then realized she needed to focus again on her Master's thesis:


fashion your reality

be a rose 

love your clothes

as your second skin

love within

Fashion is social justice work.


to deal with all the things,

it is conducive to name them

& state our position 

to create an understanding of

where our understanding 


is positioned from :


Inspired by Teju Adisa-Farrar

Statement of Positionality

gender: woman 

class: low because i'm a woman & garment worker; but i was raised upper-middle in "bedroom communities" to the richest resort towns in the world; that led to higher depression rates than the national average because we compared ourselves to the richest rich (i helped to conduct a sociological study on this my senior yr of hs)

Papa: Siciliana, Calabrese, Moroccan, Hellene;
Mamma: Irish, English, German, Scottish, French, Swiss, Prussian (from most to least).

Actively deconstructing whiteness while acknowledging my privilege as passing & family assimilating into whiteness

sexuality: Alloromantic Allosexual Androsexual Autoromantic Autosexual Demiromantic Demisexual Heteromantic Heterosexual Monosexual

culture: Colorada-Siciliana-Americana matriarch Nana (east coast Italian-American is a whole different animal - just sayin'- & get your Mafia stereotypes off me, by the way, basta, grazie, kis kiss) instilled a strong sense of Italianness into our American identity; always feeling uncomfortable with the WASPy side of the family who were primarily ranchers & farmers; raised in a tiny mountain town, questioning religion & the corporate monster of a ski resort (while enjoying the privileges of living next to a world-class resort), raised with the stories of Lovers Leap, a Ute tale, & Navajo cousins; growing up next to an abandoned mining town; with the knowledge that industries fade, men die, & before they do, they leave scars all over mountains in search of riches, when they were blind to the bountiful beauty that surrounded them

skin color: Honey Tan Peaches 'n Cream Praline with Freckles

profession: garment worker turned founder

nationality: American, born 'n bred in Colorada

able-bodied, except when i faint & lose conciousness