baily ann rose

wildly rose up on Ute land,

on the legendary Battle Mountain in Red Cliff, Colorada,

learning to knit in 4-H clubs from her Mamma Rose.

Been practicing “sustainable fashion” as a muse & artist for 16 years as an adult,

starting in Boulder throwing fashion, film, & art parties with friends & their musician lovers & brothers.

Be a Rose, 

Love Your Clothes

muse + artist

healing fashion

weaving dreams into the fabric of reality

creative waste manager 

( designer )





knitter + crocheter +needle worker = fiber artist = magic maker

currently exploring Fibershed principles, 

making zero waste & soil to soil knitwear

( she / her / pumpkin : b.a.rose’s preferred non-gendered term of endearment )


b. a. rose collections have been wildly inaccessible in the past ‘cos the lil punk bumpkin designer artist & muses

love tits hanging out, lotsa sidebook, cock socks, wardrobe malfunctions, raw edges, ugly finishings on beautiful bodies, unwearable art made of semi truck innertube tires, and the like that is “Fashion.”

fashion your reality

be a rose 

love your clothes

as your second skin

love within

Natural Progression of a Bumpkin:



Figure 1.

Catchin' Blue Ribbonz on 4-H Knitting Club Slippers at  Yung Hillbilly Age. Photo by Mamma Rose  

Figure 2.

Plattform Tennisschuh Skater Phase KNITTIN' BUCKET HATS for Eagle County 4-H Knitting Club.  Photo by Mamma Rose

Figure 3.

Wearing Zero Waste Silk Wrap Dress, selfe on Independent Pass, da most narcissistic pass in history (thats a joke but 4 reals none of us are independent of eachother we are all interconnected and united in our own states of mind - disconnection is just a state of mind.)


Thanks for Connecting <3